Pointers for Punters

Hello Natterjack readers. The name’s Dan. At least that’s the name I use nowadays. At least it’s one of them. Mick’s asked me to do a racing column for his website.

Years ago I was a jockey. I rode for some well top stables. When I got a bit old for that game I became a trainer. Then I set myself up as a bookie. I used to pitch a stall at the races and do all that tic tac and stuff. Then I worked for a couple of the big High Street bookies as an odds compiler. Then I chucked it all in and became a professional gambler. Which is to say a professional tipster.  I’ve been in the game all my life. Just like my father before me and my grandfather before him. You could say I’ve got horses in my blood. Mick says that’s a mixed metaphor. He’d know.

So I got contacts all over the shop as you can see, I know trainers, jockeys, horses, bookies, odds compilers, I know my stuff. If I could tell you who my top industry contacts actually are it would literally make your hair curl.

I used to have a laugh when I was a bookie, watching all the punters coming in, looking through the racing pages, writing out their betting slips. What they didn’t know was they never had a chance, because they didn’t know how the bookie business works. Yes, they used to win sometimes and they’d be happy enough. But what we shelled out in winnings was peanuts to us.

Then I got sorry for them. So I chucked in the bookie business and I used my knowledge and my contacts in a different sort of way. I started a different sort of business, helping punters work out how to actually make money out of the game. I became what you call a tipster, or as we ourselves prefer to call it, a Sports Investment Consultant.

Trouble was I was too successful. All the bookies I used to work with didn’t like what I was doing. They didn’t like it one bit. I got banned from one bookies after another. At the height of my fame I was banned from every bookies and every racecourse up and down the length of the country. Same for my clients too. If a bookie even got a whiff that you’d been taking tips from me you couldn’t get your bets on. No way.

So what do you do. Well here’s what I did. I changed my name, changed my appearance, and changed my tactics. I started tipping losers. Now that’s not so daft as it sounds. Soon I was welcome as a new biscuit in a biscuit box. Bookies queued up and fell over themselves to shake my hands. It was a whole new concept back then and I’d like to proudly say I invented it.

So back to business then. Mick’s asked me to do this racing column. I think he’s hoping I’ll give away all the low-down, how bookies work the books, how the sums add up so the bookies always make the profit, not the punter. And what the chinks are in your bookie’s armour, how you can actually slip one out from under him and make a killing when he’s not looking. Yes I know all the tricks.

Obviously I can only say so much here. More than my life’s worth to give it all away at once. But here’s a couple of pointers for punters for free.

I like that phrase. It’s got a nice ring to it. “Pointers for punters.” I’m quite proud of that.

The best way to make a profit on the horses is to be a bookie not a punter. That’s easier said than done I hear you say but it’s easier done than you think. Stick with me a while and I’ll show you what I mean.

Another best way to make a profit on the horses is to steer clear of the whole caboodle if you know what I mean. What I mean is the bookies have the horses pretty well sewn up. They know all about what’s going on, they have spies in the stables, nothing slips past by them by as much as a nose. They still do the tic tac but they have all this technology now. They keep their ear to the ground. They just do the arithmetic and you can’t beat them.

BUT it’s different in the other sports. Horses is your bookie’s bread and butter. Or his hay, so to speak. It’s his cash cow. But in today’s modern worldwide competitive world he has to offer odds on all sorts of other sports, like elections, the hit parade, UFO sightings, exam results. You name it, he has to price it up. And he doesn’t know a blind thing about half this stuff. Often his odds is just guesswork.

So one handy way to beat the bookie is to forget the horses and mug yourself up on something he doesn’t know a blind thing about. He’ll let you bet on judo if you twist his arm a bit. He’ll offer say 3/1 on what you know is a dead cert. Back a top tobogganist at a bargain price. Bet on polo and you can make a mint. (That’s one of Mick’s jokes.)

But that’s enough about that for now. It’s not what I actually do myself anyway. It’s just a tip I’m passing on.

What I actually do myself is I have a system. Yes it means helping the bookie make some money, but why not, they have to live too. Bookies are human too. If you prick them they bleed. If you fleece them they squeal. But my system’s got a smart little bit of jiggery-pokery built into it which means I make some money too. But that’s enough about that for now.

I know it won’t be when you’re reading this, but it’s Grand National Day as I’m writing it. Mick’s asked me to tip the winner. But I told him, I specialise in tipping losers. He’s backing a beast called Niche Market. Knowing his luck that’s a dead cert to drop dead at the first fence for a start.

One more thing before I go. If you want to get anywhere in this game you need decent information. And you want to start with quality free information because you don’t want to be handing out money to tipsters as well as to the bookies.

There are two different kinds of tipsters. Well the truth is there are many different kinds, but for our purposes here there are two different kinds.

There’s the free ones and there’s the ones who charge.

The free ones give their tips in the newspapers. The ones who charge give them by phone, usually with a recorded message. Or sometimes by text message or over the internet.

You either pay for a premium rate phone call, or you pay a monthly membership fee, and you get a PIN number or a password. Or both, if you’re lucky.

And some of them don’t mind charging you a steep wad of money for their services I don’t mind telling you.

But needless to say, most of the time you get what you’re paying for. Or so they would have you believe.

But I’m here to tell you something a little bit alternative that could be very beneficial to you.

Now what would you say if I told you I could get you the inside information that some punters are paying top whack membership fees to get their hands on – and that I could get it for you for FREE?

I reckon you’d say Thanks very much, Dan.

Now there’s someone I’m going to put you in touch with in a moment if you’ll allow me –

someone who trawls through the information that the cream of the country’s tipsters are selling to their members – on horse-racing, football, and whatever else they’re doing –

AND monitors their performance – which is to say, sorts out the tipsters who are CONSISTENTLY and CURRENTLY coming up with consistently good results and lots of wins –

and THEN picks the best tip or two of the day, and sends it out to you – for FREE – by email –

for you to do whatever you want with. You can back the tips, or you can just monitor them for a while till you’re convinced that this game is worth your while because it’s making you a tidy profit.

So what would you say?

You’d say Thanks very much, Dan.

And what would you say if I told you this is NOT piracy (me, mess with pirates? You’ve got to be having a laugh) – and it’s 100% LEGAL (me, do anything illegal? You’ve got to be having a laugh) –

And the tipsters whose info he creams off are quite happy to let him do this –

What would you say?

Well maybe you’d say, Where’s the catch?

Ah well, I was coming to that.

Well there isn’t a catch. Not a catch as such. Not what you’d call a catch.

Just this:

These top tipsters who I was telling you about let this gentleman give you their top information for free because his newsletter also carries adverts for the services that they do charge for.

Not that you ever have to buy anything. Unless you want to.

They do hope you’ll occasionally at least click on one or two of their adverts and have a look at their services, but it’s entirely up to you.

And who knows, you might want to. If you find that one of the services that you’ve been getting free samples of rather takes your fancy, then who knows, you might wonder if it isn’t worth signing up as a paid-up member and getting a little bit more of where that’s been coming from.

Or, you might decide you’ll just stick with the free samples, thanks.

Either way it’s entirely up to you.

Now just before I introduce this gentleman, a couple of other things you might be wondering:

You don’t need to know a blind thing about horses, or football, or judo, or polo, or whatever, to benefit from this. You don’t need to know the front end of a horse from the back end of a footballer. You can just let the experts take care of all that.

You don’t need to know a blind thing about betting either. These experts will guide you through how to write out a betting slip, or, if you don’t fancy visiting your local bookies, how to put a bet on over the phone or over the internet. Which is what most people do these days.

Or, in the unlikely event that you find their information isn’t clear enough, you can always just keep tuning in to Natterjack where I’ll be running a whole series of little features explaining the whole caboodle step by step.

One more thing. Winnings from betting are free from taxes in the UK. Bit like the interest you get on an ISA, only you reckon to get a bit more back than what you get on your ISA. So what the bookie pays out is pure profit and you get 100% of it.

So have a little think about it. FREE selections from the CREAM of the info that the TOP Sports Investment Consultants are charging their regular members for. And all for just agreeing to receive the occasional advert for an even better service that could make you win even MORE lucre than you’re getting from the free service, and with no obligation to buy anything at all anyway.

These fellas call themselves BETFAN.

Their website’s got some fancy graphics so it might take a moment or two to load.

Click the link below and I’ll leave you in their very capable hands.

And don’t forget to keep coming back here for some more of the low-down.






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